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Fact Checking Newsweek Article “True Story Behind ‘Root of Evil’ Podcast, Black Dahlia Murder and Fauna Hodel- Who Is George Hodel?”

June 4, 2019 Los Angeles, California The following NEWSWEEK article, “True Story Behind ‘Root of Evil’ Podcast, Black Dahlia Murder and Fauna Hodel”- Who Is George Hodel?” by Culture Writer, Kelly Wynne was published this morning. (I have added the real Hodel family names to the characters portrayed in the above publicity photo. India Eisley portrays my niece,…

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Update on Police Informant W. Glenn Martin Letter – Los Angeles Times Article Suggests Letter Written on October 26, 1949 – Lucille Bowen in Martin Letter a New Murder Victim or Natural Death? – Judge for Yourself

November 2, 2018 Los Angeles, California I originally reported the LAPD police informant W. Glenn Martin Letter appeared to be written on October 25th (written over Oct 26) but I have located the article he referenced in the newspaper and it is apparently from the Los Angeles Times, dated October 26, 1949. Martin in his…

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Author Steve Hodel To Reveal Historic Black Dahlia Related "Breaking News" New Evidence At South Pasadena Library Talk- November 1, 2018 7:00 P.M.

Los October 24, 2018 Angeles, California Thanks to a most welcome invitation from my good friend and South Pasadena Librarian, STEVE FJELSTED, I will be presenting a PowerPoint Talk next week at the beautifully designed (1907) South Pasadena Library Community Room.  See below poster for details. Hope to see you there.  As indicated below, I…

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George Hodel's 1925 Review of Ben Hecht's Fantazius Mallare Killing: Ben Hecht's 1947 Review of George Hodel's Black Dahlia Killing

September 13, 2016 Los Angeles, California “With almost animate pigments has Hecht painted this monstrous dream of Mallare’s, and with delicate and meticulous craftsmanship has he fashioned its cadaverous and perverse beauty.” George Hill Hodel Excerpt from 1925 “Fantasia Magazine” George Hodel review of “THE KINGDOM OF EVIL,” By Ben Hecht. (Pascal Covici, publisher 1925) “I know…

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Black Dahlia/Zodiac Surrealist Serial Killer Uses Famed Modernist Artists Man Ray, Galka Scheyer and Edmund Teske as His Family Photographers

Los Angeles, California May 22, 2016 Hodel Family by Galka Scheyer taken Nov 7, 1943 (Rear Dr. George Hill Hodel age 36 and Duncan Hill Hodel age 15 Front/Left to Right, Steven, age 2, Kelvin age 1, and Michael age 4) Just three months after committing Los Angeles’ sadistic “White Gardenia Murder” (Victim Ora Murray,…

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