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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

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I have just finished reading journalist, David Grann’s blood-chilling article TRIAL BY FIRE  (The New Yorker Magazine, Sept 7, 2009) which leaves NO DOUBT that an innocent man, Cameron Todd Willingham,  was executed in 2004, in a Texas prison FOR A CRIME HE DID NOT COMMIT.. (Worse, no crime even occurred!) I would recommend that every…

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Etant donnes- Duchamp's Homage To Her Killer?

In his enigmatic Etant donnes did Marcel Duchamp secretly pay homage to George Hodel, just as Hodel paid homage to Marcel’s closest friend, Man Ray? Marcel Duchamp’s Etant donnes  Compared to Black Dahlia crime scene    Click below for Video Montage You-Tube Etant donnes-Black Dahlia Montage by Salvador Dalinian   YouTube-second Black Dahlia Montage “Surrealist Avenger” by Salvador Dalinian…

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"Gloria" & "Filipina Woman" Remain Mysteries

Six-years after their publication in BDA, two photographs secreted in George Hodel’s private photo album still remain unidentified.. Most certainly they were George Hodel’s girlfriends, but were they more than that?  Could they also have been his victims? George Hodel’s Secret Photo Album-                                “Gloria”                                       Possible Filipina girlfriend?   Yesterday, I received an email from a reader asking for higher resolution photos of…

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Pompidou Centre Black Dahlia Powerpoint 2006

Paris, France 2006- Author’s PowerPoint talk and Q&A on BDA In 2004 BDA was translated and published in France (L’Affaire Du Dahlia Noir) and thanks to the French people’s interest in all things NOIR my book remained on their national bestseller list for ten-weeks. That winter, I was invited to Paris and had three magnificent days visiting and doing both print and television…

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LASD Cmdr Tom Vetter Confirms High Command Knew Identity of Dahlia Killer, but informed him in 1962, "It Will Never Come Out."

   Excerpt from Commander Tom Vetter’s television interview, September 2, 2004:  “I was a detective then in 1962 and I was driving Undersheriff Jimmy Downy and he was going to lunch with then Chief of Detectives, Gordy Bowers and they were good friends. As we were driving along somehow the Black Dahlia murder came up in their conversation.…

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Myth of "Black Dahlia's Missing Week"

 In my July 23, 2009 blog (1947 LAPD Confidant That The Black Dahlia Avenger Was A Serial Killer)  we examined the myth of the Black Dahlia Murder being a “standalone” crime and produced the documentation and statements from LAPD showing what they actually believed — that her crime was a serial killing and was just one of many LONE WOMAN MURDERS perpetuated by…

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  In anticipation of my soon to be released investigative findings documented in: MOST EVIL: The Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hill Hodel (Sept 22, 2009) I have added an EVIDENCE ROOM BLOG, to the website. (Enter off Homepage) Its purpose will be for the dissemination, review and exchange of new evidentiary information.  The EVIDENCE ROOM BLOG’s primary purpose will be to…

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