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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for January 2010

An Open Letter to French Journalist Stephane Boulan re. James Ellroy and Black Dahlia Avenger

“Take it from me. We are never going to know!” “No. I was stupid. I made a mistake. Even God makes mistakes.”                                                       James Ellroy, Paris 2010   (Above Ellroy comments are in response to questions from Stephane Boulan, a Paris book-signing attendee who asked him if he thought surrealist Man Ray was indirectly involved…

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RODNEY ALCALA- The Tragic Story of a Serial Killer's " Catch & Release"

                  “I have been trying to forget what happened…  I have forgotten all about Rod Alcala and what he did.” Rod Alcala, August 1971 in-custody statement to LAPD DetectiveSteve Hodel regarding his 1968 assault of Tali S., an 8-year-old Hollywood victim, whom he abducted, raped and left for dead.         Alcala Orange Co. Court 2009            Alcala on “The Dating…

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Black Dahlia Avenger "Proof Sheet Paper" – Another Forensic Link

  “Among the anonymous notes sent police in the ‘Black Dahlia’ case,” said Donahoe, “there was one which was obviously prepared in a print shop. At the time we discounted its importance. Now, however, it may take on new significance.”                                                       Captain Jack Donahoe LAPD Homicide                                                                Los Angeles Times, Feb 17, 1947                         …

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    LAPD Assistant Chief Michael Moore, Commanders, Captains and Veteran Homicide Detectives attend author talk marking the 63rd Anniversary of the “Black Dahlia Murder     January 15,2010  It was a real honor to be invited  to present my PowerPoint “Black Dahlia” talk last night at the Los Angeles Police Historical Society Museum in Northeast L.A. There was…

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Black Dahlia: The True Story Video (55 minutes)

 In 2005 a French film crew came to Los Angeles and made a documentary, The Truth about the Black Dahlia. The show originally produced in French aired in Europe, coincidentally, on my birthday, November 6, 2006. (13th Street, NBC International) That original production has now been dubbed in English and the full 55-minute documentary (without commercial interruption) can…

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