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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for June 2012

Black Dahlia Avenger- A Guide to the Published Editions 2003-2012

  Black Dahlia Avenger–a Guide to the Published Editions 2003-2012  Los Angeles, California I am regularly asked this same question in both e-mails and letters. “Dear Mr. Hodel:  Which edition of Black Dahlia Avenger should I order?”  Hopefully, the following print chronology which includes a brief description of what is included in the separate BDA…

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Famed 1940s LA Times Artist and Staff Writer Unwittingly Immortalize Black Dahlia Crime Scene and Her Killer's Childhood Residence

  The Owens/Seewerker Nuestro Pueblo (Our Town) was a popular weekly column in the Times. It was a team effort. While the sketches were all prepared by Mr. Owens, his partner, Joe Seewerker provided the research and wrote the historical text. At the time these two separate articles appeared in their column, neither  journalist could…

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         Excerpt from Black Dahlia Avenger II Chapter 8 – The Huston Letters Pages 157-160 Chapter 8  “Back again at George’s after two weeks away. … It is acutely dangerous for the children to be here. There is a growing threat of no control and physical violence…” Excerpt from Letter No. 6 from…

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