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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for May 2016

Black Dahlia/Zodiac Surrealist Serial Killer Uses Famed Modernist Artists Man Ray, Galka Scheyer and Edmund Teske as His Family Photographers

Los Angeles, California May 22, 2016 Hodel Family by Galka Scheyer taken Nov 7, 1943 (Rear Dr. George Hill Hodel age 36 and Duncan Hill Hodel age 15 Front/Left to Right, Steven, age 2, Kelvin age 1, and Michael age 4) Just three months after committing Los Angeles’ sadistic “White Gardenia Murder” (Victim Ora Murray,…

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Josh Mankiewicz 2004 Court TV Clip with Joe Barrett wherein He Describes Disarming of Witness Waiting to Shoot Dr. Hodel for Killing Black Dahlia

Los Angeles, California May 15, 2016 Have received multiple requests for documentation on witness Joe Barrett’s original statements related to the fact that Lillian Lenorak knew Elizabeth Short and his direct involvement in disarming Lillian at the Sowden/Franklin House. Barrett found her in Dr. Hodel’s bedroom armed with Hodel’s rifle and waiting to shoot the…

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SBPD Officer Mary Unkefer 1943 Rescuer of Elizabeth "Black Dahlia" Short Removes New Victim from Hollywood Residence and Reports Dr. Hodel "Staged Suicide and Threats to Kill Witness" to DA Office

(Updated from 2007 blog) Q: Lillian Lenorak identified Elizabeth Short as being a girlfriend of your father’s and also as being at parties at the Franklin House. Could you explain George Hodel’s connection with the policewoman who wrote the letter to LAPD about your father. Yes. The policewoman, Mary Unkefer, was from Santa Barbara Police…

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