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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for May 2019

The Hollywood Reporter Perpetuating the Myth … TNT Executives Continue To “Remain Silent” On The Fact THEY Obtained DNA Analysis Proving George Hodel Is NOT Biological Father of Fauna Hodel

31 May 2019 Los Angeles, California “…George Hodel, was likely the Black Dahlia killer and, it is widely believed, her [Fauna Hodel’s] biological father (after raping her mother).                                                       …

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In Her Own Words-Tamar Nais Hodel Tells the True Story of the Circumstances Surrounding Her Daughter Fauna Hodel’s Birth and Adoption

May 19, 2019 Los Angeles, California Tamar Hodel circa 2001, Hawaii I recently appeared on several nationally televised talk shows, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz  with my two great-nieces, Rasha and Yvette, who are the daughters (different father’s) of my niece, Fauna Hodel, who passed away from cancer in 2017. During our interview with Dr.…

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Serial Killer Rodney Alcala “The Dating Game Killer”: Hollywood & Crime Podcast Episode 1 “Tali” Steve Hodel’s Investigation and Arrest of Alcala

May 17, 2019 Los Angeles, California After working LAPD uniform patrol for six-years, I transferred to Hollywood Detectives and one of my first case assignments was the investigation of the rape and attempted murder of the eight-year-old victim, Tali Shapiro. Tali’s assailant was RODNEY JAMES ALCALA, who after serving less than three years for the…

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Mystery Writers of America 73rd Annual Edgar Awards Dinner Focus on “True Crime and the Writers It Inspires” My Author Essay Inclusion for the Annual Program

May 15, 2019 Los Angeles, California A few months back I was contacted by MWA’s Kris Montee (Edgar Banquet Chair and Annual Editor) and asked if I would be willing to contribute a short essay for the 73rd Anniversary Annual Program for the upcoming 2019 Edgar Awards Ceremonies. to be held at the Grand Hyatt…

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Fauna Hodel Interview Inside the Sowden/Hodel House: No “Chinatown Scenario” (‘She’s My Daughter/She’s My Sister’); DNA Eliminates Dr. George Hodel as Father of Fauna Hodel- A New Thoughtprint?

  May 11, 2019 Los Angeles, Californi DNA ANALYSIS REVEALS DR. GEORGE HILL HODEL NOT BIOLOGICAL FATHER OF FAUNA HODEL   Fauna Hodel birth certificate  Born in San Francisco on August 1, 1951 Place of Birth- St. Elizabeth’s Infant Hospital, 100 Masonic Avenue, San Francisco Mother-Tamar Nais Hodel  “Age 16” Female, Single Father-“Information withheld concerning…

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