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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for February 2010

Los Angeles' FBI Agent-In-Charge Introduces Black Dahlia Killer to Law Enforcement Conference four years before the Murder of Elizabeth Short

  FBI Chief Special Agent Richard Hood seen at function in May, 1951 just one month after George Hodel fled the U.S. to avoid being arrested as the prime suspect in the Black Dahlia murder. DA taped transcripts record George Hodel admitting to the murder, making law enforcement payoffs and informing Baron Harringa that he was contacted by the…

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A Meeting with Baron von Harringa

                                                          “The Baron”  Baron Ernst von Harringa circa 1940s                                  (photo courtesy of grandson, Baron von Harringa)                            Baron von Harringa (his given name) is the grandson of Ernst von Harringa. Baron is a handsome young man of just 18-years. He too is looking for answers.    We met for breakfast in mid-January at my favorite deli in Studio City. Both of us were there with…

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