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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for November 2009

LAPD's Detective Ranks-

Q:  In your book you say you promoted to the rank of Detective III. It is different from the military rankings. Can you explain what that means?    A:  Yes.  In 1969 I transferred into LAPD’s Hollywood Division Detective Bureau as a policeman loanee. Shortly after my transfer to the Bureau LAPD hired the Jacobs Company to conduct a…

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Favorite fiction authors?

Q:  Dear Mr. Hodel: Who are some of your favorite fiction authors?  With your background in police work have you ever thought of writing a mystery novel like Joseph Wambaugh? Do you know him?  R.D. San Francisco, California   A:  Don’t really read many novels. Have only read maybe 10% of “the classics”. Maybe I can catch…

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MOST EVIL – Signature Crimes – Signature Acts

   SIGNATURE CRIME:  noun- :any of two or more crimes that involve the use of a method, plan, or modus operandi so distinctive that it logically follows that the crimes must have been committed by the same person                                           Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law M.O. is a very broad term and it is oftentimes mentioned in very general…

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Baron Von Harringa Acquires Rare 1903 China Photos

  Thanks to “DG” for a heads up on some rare 1903 photographs of China’s Empress Dowager Tzu Hsi that were included in the April 5, 1948 edition of LIFE MAGAZINE. (pgs 9-10) The article states that the rare photographs “were recently acquired by Los Angeles Art Dealer, Ernst Von Harringa.”  (Ernst Von Harringa is the man…

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LA Times copy editor uses 50th Anniversary of Crime to Challenge Murder Victim's Reputation and Veracity

Victim’s 3 1/2-year-old son John Lenorak Farrow’s witnessing of his mother’s assault by Dr. George Hodel also called into question by L.A.Times blogger, Harnisch. Lillian Lenorak & son, John Lenorak Farrow (seen wearing his Elsinore Military Academy uniform) together several years before her 1959 kidnap/murder in Palm Springs. John Lenorak Farrow, born in 1946, is the biological son of Lillian Lenorak and…

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WE GET LETTERS – Fact Checking the "Leading Black Dahlia Expert"

Q:   Mr. Hodel I just read a blog from a copy-editor who bills himself as,”the Leading Black Dahlia Expert.” He claims that none of the notes and letters that were mailed in were actually written by the Black Dahlia killer, with the exception of just one- (see below) and that was cut-and-pasted, not handwritten. He says, “the rest were all from…

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 November 5, 2009 Chicago, Illinois Journalist, Michael Lenehan in today’s CHICAGO READER newspaper in addition to a review of my book, MOST EVIL provides readers with an incredibly accurate historical review of the facts surrounding the 1946 arrest of teenager, William Heirens. The 17-year-old boy, was the fifth person to be arrested by the Chicago Police Department, as “The Lipstick Murderer” for a series of  three…

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