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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for July 2009

Victim and Lead Dahlia Detective Share Birthday

  July 29, 2009 In another one of the many ironic twists of fate, related to the Dahlia story, today, July 29th marks the shared birthday of both Elizabeth Short and Finis Brown, the lead detective in her murder investigation.  On the day of Elizabeth’s birth, Finis Brown (brother to LAPD Chief of Detectives,Thad Brown) turned 18. Finis retired…

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Truth Lost In Mist and Myths and of the Past The two major myths surrounding L.A.’s 1947 Black Dahlia murder were: 1) Elizabeth Short’s murder was a standalone. He never killed before or after.                                                               and, 2)  “The Missing Week.”  Myth has it that Elizabeth Short walked out the Olive Street door of the downtown Biltmore Hotel on January 9, 1947 and was…

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"Modesto's Lovers" – Dr. Hodel's personal Rorschach

 Artist Fernando Modesto Confirms George Hodel Patronage                            “By 1990, Hodel had bought more than a thousand of his                           erotic paintings spilled with vulvas, phalluses, and mouths                                      dripping with blood.”                                              Kristine Servando, abs-cbnNEWS/Newsbreak     Manila, Philippines, July 10, 2009  In an interview with Kristine Servando of the entitled,A portrait of the artist as an oddball, Dr. George…

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LAPD Officer Myrl McBride – A Surreal Interview

In the summer of 2001, my girlfriend, Roberta McCreary (my researcher extraordinaire) and I drove to the seaside community of Seal Beach in Orange County, where I would conduct the most bizarre homicide witness-interview of my entire career. An interview with fellow retired LAPD officer, Myrl McBride, the last person to see Elizabeth Short alive. (With the obvious exception of her killer(s). …

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