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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for August 2010

DA Hodel – Black Dahlia Surveillance Transcripts Show Potential Link To Dr. Audrain, Head of LA Abortion Ring Doctors

Just when I thought it was finally OK to file away the LADA Black Dahlia-Hodel Surveillance Files, to coin a outdated an much overused term- “THE PLOT THICKENS” In a recent re-reading of some of the transcribed pages from the LAPD/DA tape-recorded surveillance, I noted the mention of a name that seemed familiar, but a couldn’t…

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L.A. Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza Releases "Modern Day Jean Valjean"

Finally Common Sense Rules-  Man Freed After Serving 8th year of his 25 to Life Sentence for attempting to steal some food from a L.A. Church. “This is justice long overdue.”                                          Los Angeles DA Steve Cooley See AP article below:   LA Judge Frees Thief Who Got 25 Yrs On 3rd Strike by The Associated Press…

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