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Archive for January 2017

70th Anniversary Black Dahlia Retrospective: Summary of New Evidence 2004-2017 Further Linking Dr. George Hill Hodel as Her Killer

  January 15, 2017 Los Angeles, California   New Evidence Timeline (Graphic prepared by, Robert “Dr. Watson” Sadler (Click below to open and enlarge) Black Dahlia Murder Inv Timeline 1.13.17 [2] merged w sig Dr. George Hill Hodel and Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short         According to secret DA and police reports now…

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Black Dahlia 70th Anniversary Interview with Journalist/True Crime Author Michael Fleeman

January 13, 2017 Los Angeles, California Here’s an interview I did with author/true-crime writer Michael Fleeman for the upcoming 70th Anniversary of the Black Dahlia Murder. Michael Fleeman is a Los Angeles-based author, journalist, instructor and television commentator. His new book, “Crazy for You,” about the Rusty Sneiderman murder case in Atlanta, is now available.…

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LA Weekly Newspaper Author/Historian Hadley Meares Feature Article: "In 1947, a Month After the Black Dahlia, the "Lipstick Murder" Shocked L.A."

Los Angeles, California January 4, 2017 CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE Historian, author and tour guide, Ms. Hadley Meares in today’s L.A. WEEKLY, writes a retrospective on LA’s 1947 “Red Lipstick Murder.”  This is the L.A. Lone Woman Murder, in which a court certified Questioned Document Examiner identified Dr. George Hill Hodel as the killer from…

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