LA Weekly Newspaper Author/Historian Hadley Meares Feature Article: "In 1947, a Month After the Black Dahlia, the "Lipstick Murder" Shocked L.A."

Los Angeles, California
January 4, 2017
Historian, author and tour guide, Ms. Hadley Meares in today’s L.A. WEEKLY, writes a retrospective on LA’s 1947 “Red Lipstick Murder.”  This is the L.A. Lone Woman Murder, in which a court certified Questioned Document Examiner identified Dr. George Hill Hodel as the killer from handwriting written on the victim’s body. In 2002, after reviewing the evidence, LA Head Deputy DA Steve Kay provided a legal review and stated he would file it as a companion case to the Elizabeth Short “Black Dahlia” Murder and stated he believed, “I could convince a jury that Dr. Hodel committed both of these crimes.”

See Ms. Meares excellent reportage here.



Historian/Author Hadley Meares


As a follow-up to this article read the “new evidence” only recently discovered and blogged by me which further links Dr. George Hodel to the Jeanne French “Red Lipstick Murder.”

New Clue Further Links Dr. George Hodel to Jeanne French “Red Lipstick” Murder.



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