Evidence Room

Dr. George Hill Hodel. Handwriting samples, 1925-1999 View evidence

Investigative Handwriting Comparisons. Miscellaneous exhibits. View evidence

Lipstick Killer Ransom and murder notes, Chicago, Illinois, 1945-1946 View evidence

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Zodiac Bates Notes/Poem. Riverside, CA, 1966

Zodiac Bay Area Mailings. Vallejo-Napa-San Francisco, CA, 1968-1969

Avenger Mailings Lone woman murders, Los Angeles, 1943-1949

Elizabeth SHort Photo Album. Handwriting samples, 1943-1946

The Zodiac Lexicon. 

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More evidence coming soon.

Coming soon:

Jigsaw Murder Maps

Zodiac Murder Maps

Black Dahlia Avenger Map

Lipstick Murder Map