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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for May 2009

Dahlia myth begins with 1950 film-noir – "Sunset Boulevard"

       Sunset Boulevard (1950)                       Check out the irony!.  Hollywood, California, Spring 1950 At the exact same time that Dr. George Hill Hodel is under active surveillance and secretly being tape-recorded by detectives from the LAPD and DA’s Office as the prime Black Dahlia suspect –director Billy Wilder, is just two-miles away from the Franklin House, shooting the final scenes for what…

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LAPD "Dahlia Gatekeeper" Brian Carr retires

      Robbery-Homicide detective, Brian Carr, self professed “gatekeeper” of the LAPD Black Dahlia Files officially retired from the LAPD,  effective May 9, 2009. In a September, 2006,  television interview with investigative journalist, Bill Kurtis of  A&E Cold Case Files, Carr when queried about my investigation had this to say: Carr: I don’t have the time to prove or…

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On the morning of February 15, 1950 the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office investigators interviewed Dr. George Hill Hodel at their downtown office in the Hall of Justice. He was detained and questioned at length.  Simultaneous to his detention, a team of electronic experts from both the DA and LAPD had secretly entered (burgled) and…

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Bugging Tapes "Baron" Identified!

Genealogist’s tip leads to identity of George Hodel’s confidant/accomplice Thanks to a recent email from JIL ANDERSON, a genealogist/researcher, the fifty-nine year-old mystery of the identity of “The German Baron” overhead speaking in conversation with my father on the February 18, 1950, DA HODEL- BLACK DAHLIA SURVEILLANCE TAPES has been solved.  Here is JIL’s verbatim…

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Out of the Tar Pits!

Dear Readers: Welcome! Let it be said that today, May 22, 2009, this dinosaur, not wanting to get his feet caught in the tar pits, those prehistoric pools of  muck and oil, decided to enter the magical world of -BLOGGING! Out with the old (FAQ updates as WordDocs and PDFs) and into the new–SQUAD ROOM…

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