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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for June 2010

Jack Egger, 1949 Black Dahlia DA Investigator, BHPD Police Captain, Chief Investigator for Warner Bros. Security, Dies

Career law-enforcement investigator, Jack Egger was one of the last witnesses to see Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short alive. In 2003 Egger, then Chief Investigator for Warner Bros. Studio,  positively identified a photograph of Dr. George Hill Hodel as being the man who was with Elizabeth Short and escorted her to a CBS radio show in Hollywood, just days before…

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Grandfather Harvey- Hollywood High School Printing Instructor 1928-1941

(SKH NOTE-  Below blog updated 6.10.2010 See additional entries bottom paragraphs.) FROM PRINTER TO POOKA Hollywood, California Thanks to some old fashioned gumshoe sleuthing by my brother, Kelvin and his wife, Angel, (with perhaps a little unseen help from “Harvey” the invisible rabbit and pooka extraordinaire) we now have some new information and photos to add to…

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