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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for February 2013

Paris Match Magazine, The Black Dahlia: A Solution Soon? Part 3of3

Here is Part III of a three part article written on the Black Dahlia by Kahina Sekkai for the French Magazine, PARIS MATCH. This appeared today, February 25, 2013.Again, my apologies for having to use a computer translation to convert to English, as much of the writing becomes “lost in translation,” but for those of…

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Buster, the Wonder Dog Corroborates Sowden House Black Dahlia and other Murders as Revealed on 1950 Secret Black Dahlia DA Bugging Tapes

Sowden  House 1950 Secret Black Dahlia DA Bugging Tapes Capture a “Murder in Progress” and contain Dr.  Hodel’s  Confessions to  Black Dahlia and 1945 OD Murder of his Secretary, Ruth Spaulding. Third Taped Murder Victim Assaulted in Basement Remains Unidentified                                …

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