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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for February 2017

Former Metropolitan Opera Singer Paul Veglia Details His Two Month Personal Contact With LA's Most Infamous Murder Victim, Elizabeth "Black Dahlia" Short

February 28, 2017 Los Angeles, California       Former Met Opera Singer Paul Veglia, age 84 describes to me his connections and personal contact with Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short when he was a young farm boy of twelve in 1943. (Photo taken at Art’s Deli, Studio City, 2017)  Investigative “tips” come to me these…

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Was Zodiac's 1990 "Secret Pal Christmas Card" a Rayograph? Another Coded Message from Dr. George Hodel Announcing His Return to the U.S. and the SF Bay Area by Way of Another Taunting Man Ray "Clew"?

February 3, 2007 Los Angeles, California                 Last week I received the following email/comment from a regular contributor to this blog site, Mr. Luigi Warren. He writes: Steve: Found a couple more possible thoughtprints. These are from Zodiac’s last missive, the 1990 “Secret Pal”/”Gonna Keep You Guessin” Christmas…

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