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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for September 2016

Black Dahlia Update: New Clue Further Links Dr. George Hill Hodel to 1947 Jeanne French "Red Lipstick" LA Lone Woman Murder

September 26, 2016 Los Angeles, California Yesterday I discovered a new “taunting clue” left by my father in his commission of the 1947 murder of former actress and aviatrix, Jeanne French. Though it was in plain sight all along and readily discoverable, I had simply missed it for the past fifteen years. Before revealing our…

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George Hodel's 1925 Review of Ben Hecht's Fantazius Mallare Killing: Ben Hecht's 1947 Review of George Hodel's Black Dahlia Killing

September 13, 2016 Los Angeles, California “With almost animate pigments has Hecht painted this monstrous dream of Mallare’s, and with delicate and meticulous craftsmanship has he fashioned its cadaverous and perverse beauty.” George Hill Hodel Excerpt from 1925 “Fantasia Magazine” George Hodel review of “THE KINGDOM OF EVIL,” By Ben Hecht. (Pascal Covici, publisher 1925) “I know…

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