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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for July 2019

Los Angeles Times Publishes Major Retrospective for 50th Anniversary of Manson Murders: Interviews DA Steve Kay, and Veteran Journalists Sandi Gibbons and Linda Deutsch-Three LA Heroes

July 28, 2019 Los Angeles, California LOS ANGELES TIMES 50TH ANNIVERSARY RETROSPECTIVE  MANSON 50TH ANNIVERSARY ARTICLE JULY 28 19 (click here for full article) LADA Head DDA Steve Kay, AP reporter Linda Deutsch and City News reporter/DA Spokesperson Sandi Gibbons all three who have “been there/done that” provide their personal insights and reflections on the…

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The Sixties-Remembering Laurel Canyon- Kiyo, Neil Young, John Densmore and a Twilight Zone Zodiac Synchronicity

July 17, 2019 Los Angeles  Yesterday, I was doing some research and chanced upon an excellent article, “Laurel Canyon is where the new Hollywood lives.”  The article (full text as PDF) was written by journalist Nathaniel Freedland,  and appeared in the Toronto Daily Star,  on, Oct. 11, 1969. Here is an excerpt from the article, referencing…

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