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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for March 2019

Dr. Phil Show “Hollywood Obsessed: The Black Dahlia Murder Mystery, “New Evidence Found” Aired Wed March 27 2019 – Dr. Phil Praises Top National Podcast “Root of Evil”

March 30, 2019 Los Angeles, California Appeared on the Dr. Phil Show this week for a full one-hour presentation covering just some of the “New Evidence” (2018) related to my Black Dahlia investigation as well as to introduce the popular “Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black Dahlia Murder.”…

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Seventy-Year-Old Court Documents Unsealed-Reveal Dr. George Hodel Performed an Abortion Attempt on His 14-Year-Old Daughter Prior to Obtaining a Second Sucessful Abortion Performed By Dr. Francis Ballard

March 25, 2019 Los Angeles, California In February 2019 I teamed up with my friend and super-sleuth extraordinaire,  KAREN SMITH, owner of Bare Bones Consulting, LLC. Karen is a retired major case detective with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office as well as a forensic crime scene expert.  (See short bio from CRIMECON 2018 below.)  Karen and…

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Video Excerpt from 2006 Steve Hodel PowerPoint Talk at Pompidou Centre and Audience Q&A – Why Did LAPD Cover Up the Solution to the Black Dahlia Murder? Obstruction of Justice/Police Inaction Results in Nine More Victims

March 24, 2019 Los Angeles, California   The Missing Evidence and Hodel Files Pompidou Centre, Paris France June 1, 2006            In 2004, my book was translated and published in France as, L’ Affaire du Dahlia Noir, and became a national bestseller in that country. That same year, I was invited to Paris by my…

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L.A. Times Investigative Reporter/Columnist Steve”Watchdog For The People” Lopez’s Investigative Persistence Pays Off–Helps Confirm LAPD’s Earlier Suspicions Dr. George Hodel Killed His Personal Secretary and the “Black Dahlia”

    Graphic by Robert J. Sadler March 17, 2019 Los Angeles, California My previous personal KUDOS to LA Times Journalist Steve Lopez  need to be refreshed,  restated and updated for “new readers.” First, let’s start with a photo of Steve along with a short bio provided to the IMDb (International Movie Data Base)  by…

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Root of Evil Podcast No. 2 Nationally- Conducted Three Television Interviews In Three Days- The “Today Show” and Two Nationally Syndicated Talk Shows

March 13, Los Angeles, California Busy week! Taped a nationally syndicated talk  show here in Los Angeles on Monday (to be announced at a later date)  then flew to New York on Tuesday and did a short promo with my great-nieces Rasha Pecoraro and Yvette Gentile on the TODAY SHOW . Then we went “down…

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Dr. George Hill Hodel Lineage: Who’s Who in “Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and The Black Dahlia?

March 1, 2019 Los Angeles, California Here is a Hodel Lineage graphic put together by my good friend, mystery writer and retired Dallas P.D. police officer, Robert J. Sadler. This helps us (including myself) understand at a glance who’s who in the Hodel Family lineage. The following family members contributed by providing interviews in the…

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