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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for September 2009

Book Soup Bookstore Talk Tonight – 7PM

  Wednesday, September 30, 2009  7pm Book Soup Bookstore, 8818 W. Sunset Blvd. Will be doing a talk/booksigning at BOOK SOUP Bookstore tonight with my good friend, and bestselling author, Ralph Pezzullo. Drop by if your anywhere near “The Strip.” Steve

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ATTEMPTING TO SEPARATE SCIENCE FROM “SPIN” (SKH NOTE- While this blog is going to be posted on my EVIDENCE ROOM BLOG on occasion I will post in  both locations if I believe the information should reach a broader readership.) AUTHOR’S ROUGH DRAFT EXCERPT “CSI EFFECT” FROM “CONCLUSION CHAPTER” What material an author includes in his manuscript and…

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A New Letter from Dada & Moma-

A Surrealist Word Game?  A  Double Entendres? In my August post, Etant donnes, Duchamp’s Homage To Her Killer?  we got to play a game. Thanks to a letter from “D.M.” we get to play anew. We know that the relationship between William Copley, Man Ray, and Marcel Duchamp was very tight. In their book, Exquisite Corpse: Surrealism and…

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MOST EVIL Presents Police Documents Connecting 1946 Chicago "Red Lipstick Murders" To 1947 "Black Dahlia" Murder

Original 1950 Police Files Show Active Investigation between two agencies For those naysayers and critics that jump out of the gate with  “ridiculous” and “preposterous” without even so much as reading one page of MOST EVIL, let me just throw out this mini-spoiler from official police reports included and documented in my just released- five-year investigation. Between 1944 and 1950 all three…

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MOST EVIL: Avenger, Zodiac and the Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hill Hodel

      Twenty years after shocking the world in Los Angeles, could Dr. George Hill Hodel have returned to terrorize California as the killer known as Zodiac?   WAS A FORMER SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE NEWSPAPER COLUMNIST ZODIAC? Based on the findings as documented in my new six-year investigation MOST EVIL, which includes over 190 exhibits as: forensics, handwriting analyses, timelines,…

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THE EVIDENCE ROOM – (Plus an early review of MOST EVIL)

 The Evidence Room is now open for viewing and I will in the following days and weeks begin to add various exhibits which I consider to be of an evidentiary nature. They will include: police composite sketches (as seen below), maps, handwriting samples & exhibits,  forensics, comparative photographs etc. These exhibits will not be limited to just “ZODIAC” but…

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Dr. George Hill Hodel in the Arts & Sciences

THE ARTS:: In his New York Times book review of BDA, respected film-critic and bestselling author, David Thomson had this to say about George Hodel:  Read David Thomson’s full review:  NYT Thomson review.pdf THE SCIENCES: Forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Michael H. Stone, had this to say about his fellow colleague, Dr. George Hill Hodel:    …

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