MOST EVIL Presents Police Documents Connecting 1946 Chicago "Red Lipstick Murders" To 1947 "Black Dahlia" Murder

Original 1950 Police Files Show Active Investigation between two agencies

For those naysayers and critics that jump out of the gate with  “ridiculous” and “preposterous” without even so much as reading one page of MOST EVIL, let me just throw out this mini-spoiler from official police reports included and documented in my just released- five-year investigation.

Between 1944 and 1950 all three local law-enforcement agencies: The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, The Los Angeles Police Department, and The Los Angeles District Attorney’s, Bureau of Investigation were actively investigating what they suspected to be connections between local Los Angeles murders, and Chicago’s 1944-1945  LIPSTICK MURDERS crime-spree. 

Specifically, LA Sheriff’s detectives were actively investigating the possibility of a connection between the 1944 Georgette Bauerdorf Hollywood “Bathtub Murder” and the bathtub murders committed by Chicago’s “Lipstick Murder” just ten-months later.

Also, LADA/LAPD detectives in 1950 were actively investigating the possibility of a connection between the 1947 Elizabeth Short, “Black Dahlia Murder” and the 1945-46 Chicago “Red Lipstick Murders.”

  In MOST EVIL I confirm the DA/LAPD’s original suspicions were correct and provide the actual link to the DA’s “Unidentified Chicago Policeman” and George Hodel.




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