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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for March 2011

REAL LIFE L.A. NOIRE – LAPD Vice-Squad Sgt. Charles Stoker's Factual Expose, "THICKER'N THIEVES" now available to Public. Twenty-years Before SERPICO there was STOKER

 THICKER’N THIEVES: The 1950 Factual Expose of Police-Pay-Offs, Graft, Political Corruption and Prostitution in Los Angeles and Hollywood By LAPD Vice Sergeant Charles Stoker          Twenty-years before SERPICO there was STOKER (Between 1948-1950  Stoker appeared in more than 600 separate front page article)2011 print edition- $14.95  now available on-line Greetings from Los Angeles! It is my…

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Is Latest Rodney Alcala Murder Link to Victim Pamela Lambson Serially Connected to Three More 1977 Bay Area Victims?

 In 1977, a San Mateo newspaper originally suggested a possible link of the Pamela Lambson murder to three additional Bay Area murder victims: Alecia Perez, 25, Roxeme Rogasch, 18, and a “Jane Doe” victim found on Jan. 1, 1977 Can DNA link Rodney James Alcala  to these unsolved Cold Cases? Here is the original 1977 article describing the discovery…

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