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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for January 2018

Can DNA Testing of John Walsh America's Most Wanted 1990 “Remember Me? Letters” Link "SCORPION" to San Francisco’s “ZODIAC”?

  January 19, 2018 Los Angeles, California                   “Scorpion’s” Remember Me?” threatening letters and Cryptograms mailed to America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh in 1990 In Black Dahlia Avenger II (2012 & 2014) Chapter 22, “Touch DNA” I called for the analysis of numerous items currently booked…

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THROUGH THE DECADES January 15, 2018 Features 71st Anniversary of Elizabeth "Black Dahlia" Short Murder

January 15, 2018 Los Angeles, California   THROUGH THE DECADES “Black Dahlia” Anniversary interview will be airing on Monday, January 15th.  The segment airs at about 32 minutes after the hour. This link shows the markets and channels in around the country. . The program airs daily at 7a, 7p, 10p ET. In Los Angeles, the show…

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