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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for November 2018

South Pasadena Review Editor-Veteran Journalist/Son of Famous Father Interviews Veteran Homicide Detective/Son of Infamous Father

November 9, 2018 Los Angeles, California Here is a November 9, 2018  article “Black Dahlia Murder Comes Full-Circle at So Pas Library,” by South Pasadena Review Editor, Steve Whitmore. Steve met and interviewed me at the library. It was a first meet for both of us. Here’s an introductory link and personal bio written by Steve…

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Update on Police Informant W. Glenn Martin Letter – Los Angeles Times Article Suggests Letter Written on October 26, 1949 – Lucille Bowen in Martin Letter a New Murder Victim or Natural Death? – Judge for Yourself

November 2, 2018 Los Angeles, California I originally reported the LAPD police informant W. Glenn Martin Letter appeared to be written on October 25th (written over Oct 26) but I have located the article he referenced in the newspaper and it is apparently from the Los Angeles Times, dated October 26, 1949. Martin in his…

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Black Dahlia Avenger III: The New Evidence Well Received by Attendees to the South Pasadena Library Author Talk/PowerPoint

  November 3, 2018 Los Angeles, California Thanks to all of the hardy souls that chose to battle Los Angeles afternoon/evening traffic to attend my PowerPoint Talk on Thursday at the South Pasadena Library. The talk hosted by the one and only Steve Fjelsted, Librarian extraordinaire! (Very cool guy who has become a good friend…

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