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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for November 2013

Artist Fred Sexton Designed Maltese Falcon Sells for 4 Million–Few Aware of its Creator's Connections to Black Dahlia Investigation

Los Angeles, California. November 25, 2013 At lunch last week a friend asked me what I thought artist Fred Sexton’s “Black Bird” designed for friend and film director, John Huston’s  Maltese Falcon, would sell for at the upcoming TCM/Bonham auction?  My guess–based on the hype and sponsorship of TCM was –One Million.   I was…

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Sgt. Paul Dostie and Steve Hodel Radio Interview on K9 Buster Search of Sowden House- The Black Dahlia Crime Scene

Los Angeles, California November 8, 2013 DARKNESS RADIO DAVE SCHRADER/TIM DENNIS INTERVIEW “THE NEW EVIDENCE” Here is a November 5, 2013 follow-up radio interview with Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis on their Darkness Radio Show. (Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130 Radio)  The “True Crime Tuesdays” discussion focused on cadaver dog, Buster’s Black Dahlia search…

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