Sgt. Paul Dostie and Steve Hodel Radio Interview on K9 Buster Search of Sowden House- The Black Dahlia Crime Scene

Los Angeles, California

November 8, 2013
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Here is a November 5, 2013 follow-up radio interview with Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis on their Darkness Radio Show. (Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130 Radio) 
The “True Crime Tuesdays” discussion focused on cadaver dog, Buster’s Black Dahlia search and alerts at the Sowden/Franklin House, along with Buster’s handler, retired Mammoth Police Department, Sgt. Paul Dostie, providing additional information detailing the high value of using cadaver dogs (more accurately referred to as: Human Remains Detection Canines) in both law enforcement, civilian and military searches.  Paul and I provided a detailed description of our forensic search and Buster’s alerts at the Sowden House, our 1940s residence.  
Hour Two was a query by Dave and Tim with Paul and I related to the potential profiling of serial killers.


  1. Bud White on November 12, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    I too think Jean Spangler is a very real possibilitiy of being buried at or near the Franklin House, as you say on the interview.
    It appears from your mother’s letters to Huston that (“in view of his mental difficulties” April 1948), that GHH’s mental health was most percarious around this time.
    I also think Spangler could be the unidentified woman on the couch.
    And with start of the incest trial, I suspect that the strain must have been great and he may have felt compelled to kill. The timing — Spangler missign on Oct. 7, ’49 and the location of her purse (I’ve “walked” it with Google maps and it’s just a few minutes from the Franklin house, as you’ve said) — makes me believe that she’s a GHH victim.

    • Edrun Boyer on January 29, 2014 at 6:11 pm

      I am currently reading most evil… I do not think George made a mistake with the street name. he was probably pointing towards Degnan rather than marking it with a flag.if Norton and Degnan had been named in Reverse he probably would have left the body on South Bronson.

  2. Steve Hodel on November 12, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    Hi BW: Agreed. There is much in the movements and from what is known in the days and hours preceding Jean Spangler’s abduction that point to GHH circumstantially being her killer. Her disappearance the day after dad bails out from custody on the incest charge is highly suspicious along with all the other known facts. I will be reviewing and updating all the linkage in the near future. Like the Dahlia investigation, there exist a lot of myths surrounding the Spangler mystery such as the “mob/gangster connections” which were red herrings, and dismissed as being untrue by Jean’s sister, Betsy. Betsy made it clear to detectives and the press that Jean Spangler did not know or associate with: Mickey Cohen, Mike Howard, Dave Ogul or any of their “living or missing” associates. Stay tuned. More to come soon. Regards, Steve

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