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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for April 2016

BuzzFeed "The Chilling Mystery of the Black Dahlia" 8-Minute Video

Below BuzzFeed video with “Ryan and Brent” went live yesterday and has had nearly 500K viewers just overnight. Wow! Light hearted, tongue in cheek, but also fairly factual, with a few errors, but that’s showbiz. See 8-minute video at below link. Update May 8, 2016: Here is a five-minute clip from CBS 48-Hours which originally…

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In a Mocking Taunt to Humanity Zodiac Killer Names and Registers a Star After Himself in Constellation Aquila

Los Angeles April 1, 2016 “I have a reserved place in constellation Aquila” Included in George Hill Hodel intended 1998 Suicide Note to wife June               “It’s another manifestation of his enormous ego, an immortal mocking of humanity fixed and registered in the Zodiac’s constellation, Aquila.Even after its namesake’s…

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