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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

Archive for January 2012

Black Dahlia Internet Radio Discussion SAT JAN 21, 2012 8PM PST

   This coming Saturday night, January 21st 2012,*  at 8pm PST I will  be doing a Black Dahlia related podcast  interview on STRANGE FREQUENCIES RADIO.  The show will be hosted by Jason Korbus and Bobby Nelson.  Hopefully, between the three of us, we can make it both interesting and informative. See you there. Steve Hodel Here’s…

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The Englewood Four Are Exonerated After Serving 17 Years- Court Confirms Teenagers Wrongfully Convicted Based on "False Confession

Chicago, Illinois January 17, 2012   “The Innocence project is calling on Cook County to conduct a review of all cases involving juvenile confessions.”   Let’s hope that this will include a review of William Heiren’s 1946 false confession as a teenager for three “Lipstick Murders” crimes that he falsely confessed to to save himself…

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