Black Dahlia Internet Radio Discussion SAT JAN 21, 2012 8PM PST


jason bobby.JPGThis coming Saturday night, January 21st 2012,*  at 8pm PST I will  be doing a Black Dahlia related podcast  interview on STRANGE FREQUENCIES RADIO.

 The show will be hosted by Jason Korbus and Bobby Nelson.  Hopefully, between the three of us, we can make it both interesting and informative. See you there.

Steve Hodel

Here’s the link to their podcast.


 * On January 21st, 1947, LAPD distributed the below WANTED INFORMATION BULLETIN on the victim, Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short. The bulletin was distributed in bars, restaurants, hotels in the downtown and Hollywood areas.

Despite the MYTH OF THE MISSING WEEK, fourteen witnesses were located and interviewed (seven of whom actually personally knew the victim). These witnesses actually accounted for Elizabeth’s whereabouts in both the downtown and Hollywood area every day of the missing week up and through January 14, 1947. The body was found the following day, January 15, 1947 posed on a vacant lot, some five miles south of Hollywood.


 January 21, 1947

Jan 21 Bullentin.jpg


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