The Englewood Four Are Exonerated After Serving 17 Years- Court Confirms Teenagers Wrongfully Convicted Based on "False Confession

Chicago, Illinois

January 17, 2012


“The Innocence project is calling on Cook County to conduct a review of all cases involving juvenile confessions.”


Let’s hope that this will include a review of William Heiren’s 1946 false confession as a teenager for three “Lipstick Murders” crimes that he falsely confessed to to save himself from being executed.

Bill, as summarized in my book, MOST EVIL, is currently serving his 66th year in Illinois State Prison for three murders HE DID NOT COMMIT. Physical Evidence containing the real killer’s potential DNA was booked into evidence at the FBI laboratory. Does it still exist? Will they test it?



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Four Chicago Men Cleared After 17 Years

Posted: January 17, 2012 5:00 pm

Michael Saunders, Terrill Swift, Harold Richardson and Vincent Thames were officially exonerated today when prosecutors decided to drop the charges against them for a 1994 murder in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. The so-called “Englewood Four” were wrongfully convicted as teenagers based on their false confessions although DNA evidence always demonstrated that they could not have been the perpetrators.
Today’s decision comes after months of resistance from the State’s Attorney’s Office. DNA testing results implicating the real perpetrator, a convicted murderer, were released nearly a year ago. In spite of this overwhelming evidence of innocence, the prosecution stood by the convictions. Saunders and Richardson were released in November 2011 when a Chicago judge threw out the convictions. Swift and Thames were already released and living under strict regulation as registered sex offenders. 
Read more about the case here.
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