Hollywood P.I. Barnaby Jones Adds His Street Cred to Black Dahlia Case Solved


A reader recently sent me this book, I hadn’t heard about it. My belated thanks to Buddy and his writing partner, Darlene Quinn for the kind words.  

From SIZZLING COLD CASE: The Legend of Lori London by Buddy Ebsen with Darlene Quinn. Detective Barnaby Jones is talking with Hollywood detectives. Page 109. Barnaby say’s to the Hollywood detective:

“The man you’re talking about, Steve Hodel, was a detective at this precinct before my time, and he’s nobody’s fool. Quite impressive. I’ve had a fair amount of contact with him over the last couple of years, ever since he began his investigation. Originally, he set out to clear his father’s name, but that’s not the way it turned out.”

  “Did’nt he just come out with a book?”

  “Yeah. It’s called The Black Dahlia Avenger.” A good read. Turns out Hodel is one hell of a writer and darn convincing. He’s stirred things up enough to get the attention of our Cold Case Team and get the investigation reopened.”



Actor/Author Buddy Ebsen in his murder mystery, Sizzling Cold Case: The Legend of Lori London (written with Darlene Quinn) had P.I. Barnaby Jones give me some very generous kudos while he was talking to the boys at Hollywood Homicide regarding his own separate Cold Case Investigation.

The Hollywood sleuth was investigating his own 18-year-cold-case,”suicide” which he suspected was an actual murder. The victim was a beautiful actress by the name of Lori London.

Turns out Barnaby Jones wants the Hollywood Cold Case Team to take another look at his case, but  they are too busy working on the reinvestigation of the Black Dahlia Murder based on the new investigative findings as presented by, Steve Hodel in his then recently released book, Black Dahlia Avenger. (In most novels, fictional mystery writers frequently assume that police always do the right thing, but so far (2011) we’re still waiting. *s*)




Buddy Ebsen died in July, 2003 at the advanced age of 95 after giving the world decades of joy and laughter in his many film and television roles. Thank you Buddy!









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