Video Excerpt from 2006 Steve Hodel PowerPoint Talk at Pompidou Centre and Audience Q&A – Why Did LAPD Cover Up the Solution to the Black Dahlia Murder? Obstruction of Justice/Police Inaction Results in Nine More Victims

March 24, 2019
Los Angeles, California


The Missing Evidence and Hodel Files
Pompidou Centre, Paris France
June 1, 2006 

          In 2004, my book was translated and published in France as, L’ Affaire du Dahlia Noir, and became a national bestseller in that country. That same year, I was invited to Paris by my publisher, Seuil and did a number of press radio and television interviews.

Two years later, in June, 2006, I was invited back to Paris, to speak at the Pompidou Centre.

My talk included an hour PowerPoint presentation followed by a second hour of audience participation—Q & A.  A number of subjects were explored and the entire talk was videotaped.

One of the questions asked dealt with the subject of the LAPD. The questioner wanted to know what exactly they had done as follow-up in the three years since my investigation was made public.

Here is my unedited verbatim response to her question on the evening of June 1, 2006:

Q:  Has the Los Angeles Police Department responded to your Black Dahlia investigation?


PDF Verbatim Transcript text excerpted video answer The Missing Evid Pompidou transcript



Top Law Enforcement Officials independently confirming “Case Solved” Dr. Hodeel “Did it”.    1966 Chief Thad Brown Swearing-In Ceremony (A 33-year-old “Tell”)*

*(As I was exiting the Police Administrative Building auditorium Chief Brown’s photographer came up to me and asked, “Would you like your photo taken with the new Chief?”
Naturally, I responded, “Yes.”
We walked outside of Parker Center, posed for the above photo and went our separate ways. Two weeks later, I received the photo in inter-department mail, threw it in a box and forgot about it for another thirty-three years. Turns out, Chief Thad Brown, knowing what he knew, that my father was the killer of Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short, he simply could not resist the “photo op”. A photo which meant little to an unsuspecting/unknowing rookie officer meant everything to the chief who three decades prior had been “on the case.”)

The real tragedy in the original 1950 Cover-Up of the solution to the Black Dahlia Murder and Obstruction of Justice comes with the result and knowledge that all those involved: DA Simpson, DA Bureau of Investigation Chief H. Leo Stanley and his subordinate, Lt. Frank Jemison, LAPD Chiefs William H. Parker and Thad Brown all these men have blood on their hands. 

Not only the blood of Elizabeth Short and the rest of the LA Lone Woman Murder victims but of those victims that followed in the decades to come.

Had these named command officers and prosecutors taken action and done their duty, Dr. George Hill Hodel would have been arrested,  tried and convicted and there would be no future victims.

If my follow up investigation is correct, and I believe it is and expect DNA will eventually prove me right,  the below-named individuals would never have been slain and would most probably gone on to live happy and productive lives.

As a direct result of allowing a known/identified serial killer to remain free and by knowingly hiding the evidence and his confessions to multiple murders, that would convict Dr. George Hodel the officers actions and obstructions of justice allowed the following victims (1966-1969) to be murdered:

Victims Post LAPD/DA Cover-Up

  1.  Cheri jo bates  10.30.66
  2. Lucila Lalu  5.28.67
  3. Betty Jensen 12.20.68
  4. David Faraday 12.20.68
  5. Darlene Ferrin 7.4.69
  6. Michael Mageau 7.4.69 (survived attempt murder)
  7. Cecelia Shepard 9.27.69
  8. Bryan Hartnell 9.27.69 (survived attempt murder)
  9. Paul Stine 10.11.69

SKH NOTE-  Knowing this it makes it easy to understand WHY LAPD HAS NO DESIRE TO PURSUE AND CONFIRM MY FINDINGS.  They cannot defeat the evidence which is way “beyond a reasonable doubt” so all that is left for LAPD is to claim as they have for the past fifteen years, “We don’t have the time to look at his investigation, we are too busy with current unsolved homicides.”



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