Paris Match Magazine, The Black Dahlia: A Solution Soon? Part 3of3

Here is Part III of a three part article written on the Black Dahlia by Kahina Sekkai for the French Magazine, PARIS MATCH. This appeared today, February 25, 2013.

Again, my apologies for having to use a computer translation to convert to English, as much of the writing becomes “lost in translation,” but for those of us that do not read French, it must suffice.

For those of you that do read French, Ms. Sekkai’s article appears HERE.

January 25, 2003

Black Dahlia: A Solution Soon? (Part 3 of 3)

George Hodel, a picture taken at the Sowden
House. Inset: the
, Elizabeth Short. |
DR Photo / Steve

The investigation by Steve Hodel for 14
may soon come to an end.
In a few weeks, analyzes could confirm or deny the presence of a large
amount of blood in the house of his
father, whom he suspects to be the killer of the Black Dahlia.

 By Kahina Sekkai –


 Wil the investigation be reopened or
closed, with a
The question may seem absurd,
but a canine could afford to lend a paw
crucial to the investigation of the murder of Elizabeth Short, which took place 66 years ago. It is in
any case
that wishes Steve Hodel, who
his father of being the murderer.
For several months, the retired police officer working with a private detective, Paul Dostie and his sniffer cadaver

Sowden House

He met with the team when he
was contacted
last November by
a television show.. The producers of the
show on the paranormal
Ghost Hunters” wanted to
make a documentary about the Sowden House
(above), where the Hodel family lived  during the 1940s in Hollywood. Wanting the
to remain “objective, based on
facts and science,” Steve is not interested in the
meeting with
paranormal and psychics, but changes his mind when the opportunity
to see the house, an ancient Mayan temple
searched by an experienced
. The producers of “Ghost
Hunters” believe in the theory of
effect Hodel that
the murder of Elizabeth Short would have happened in the Sowden House and that
evidence could, six decades later, still
be present.

 Research results Amazing”

Steve Hodel then
accepted the first scientific research in his
former home
. And the results were,
his own words, “Amazing”.
Paul Dostie had suggested that we start with a search outside of the residence, and unleashed Buster giving him the
:” Search “. Followed
cameramen of “Ghost Hunters” and ourselves, Buster immediately rushed to a vent in the southwest corner of the house, and detected the smell of human remains coming from the basement,
“says the author.

Sergeant Paul Dostie
and his dog Buster, Steve Hodel (Rt.)

“We then went to the cellar, and Buster gave an “alert” at four different places. Sergeant Dostie and I have
collected soil samples from each location.” The samples recovered
by the two retired police officers
are currently being analyzed and the
are expected to arrive here
a few weeks. Faced with
any comments, Steve Hodel say’s,
“Keep in mind that Buster only alerts to the smell of
humans. He does not
with those of other animals,
such as
rats or opossums.
Steve does not believe that the bodies
may have been buried in the house, but is convinced that Buster has smelled the
blood of one or
, the victim (s).

 The floor plan of the basement of the Sowden
House. The black dots are where Steve Hodel
and Paul Dostie
soil samples were collected. (Image:
DR / Steve Hodel)

George Hodel Protected by Power Friends

The retired police officer is convinced that
analyzes confirm what is
already known
by Buster,” and
that “the
LAPD knew and covered up“: “My
investigation revealed secret documents the
prosecutor’s office
, tape-recorded transcripts from the house. Investigators reported and recorded a “murder in progress” in the basement.. They showed
evidence of beatings and screams from the basement
did nothing. “For
him, the highly placed friends of George Hodel is an
explanation of the police to not take any action. . “When
my father
fled the country just
before being arrested, they chose to
remain silent
and try to
corruption in the
,” says Steve.

Pending the results that may accredit
the thesis of Steve Hodel family is “divided,”
says he, “Tamar, my half-sister, the incest victim, really believes he is guilty, just like my brother Kelvin. The widow of my father, June, I haven’t spoken to since I originally informed her of my discoveries, a few months before the
release of
my book in 2003.
My Filipino half-brothers and
do not think their
father was
capable of committing such

Now, there is more
to wait for the test results to see if Steve Hodel‘s
thesis is based on scientific evidence
and not circumstantial. But these tests are only
the beginning of
the end of the Black
case. Because, as Steve
explained, This
case is a Black Hole.”



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