Out of the Tar Pits!

Dear Readers: Welcome! Let it be said that today, May 22, 2009, this dinosaur, not wanting to get his feet caught in the tar pits, those prehistoric pools of  muck and oil, decided to enter the magical world of -BLOGGING! Out with the old (FAQ updates as WordDocs and PDFs) and into the new–SQUAD ROOM BLOG. From this point forward, I will be using the SQUAD ROOM BLOG as a meeting place where I can update you on new investigative findings as well as a place to share and exchange information in general.  Likewise, you can access the SQUAD ROOM BLOG to provide me with your own input and questions, through the comments function. In this, my introductory blog, I want to touch on a few quick points. FAQS- 2003 – 2009 First, for those of you who are conducting your own research and or simply want to become better informed on my LONE WOMAN MURDER investigations as well as the BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, I have made all of the previous FAQS (1-82, with over 300 pages of text and photos) available and have provided a FAQ INDEX which should help you to locate and identify a specific area of interest. I would recommend checking out my Q&A section which provides further details related to the FAQS. Starting now, I will be updating all my new findings right in this SQUAD ROOM BLOG. This should allow me to keep you informed on a weekly basis with very little lag time. These blogs will include information on:  past, present and future criminal investigations. NEXT BOOK! If all goes as scheduled, my second book, MOST EVIL: The Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hill Hodel, will hit the bookshelves on September 21, 2009. Stay tuned! PODCASTS In addition to the regular blogging updates, I will on occasion prepare audio podcasts on various subjects. As my first podcast I have provided a five-minute reading from the introduction of BDA, where I discuss my concept of THOUGHTPRINTS as a variation on the theme of M.O.  & MOTIVE with the potential of linking a suspect to a single or a series of crimes, through his own spoken or written words – just as a criminalist uses various “points” in a fingerprint to identify a suspect–and “get a make.” I am excited about being able to communicate more directly and immediately to you my readers and hope you will also feel free to communicate back your own thoughts and reflections. Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Bud White on May 26, 2009 at 9:29 am

    Fantastic new web site/ blog!!! Eagerly await new book. I am fairly familiar with the old FAQ, but not the Lone Woman Murder you mention. Can you please elaborate…

  2. Karen Conrad on May 30, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    Go, go, go Godzilla! No dead dinos here. I have so much admiration for anyone keeping up with a blog (my dog has one from her foster mom- I haven’t updated in ages…). I’ve happily purchased both editions of BDA and am familiar with most of the other major works on this very sad case; kudos for getting it right, as I for one have no doubt that you’ve accomplished that. Here’s hoping that the new “keeper” of whatever is left of the files, etc. will be more forthcoming, and maybe even useful to you and all other researchers of the Beth Short case. I can’t help but think that some sort of amnesty process (regarding “stuff” which has wandered off) just might bring about an eventual return of at least a few items; I can’t imagine that, if an item was slotted for destruction anyway (or ORDERED to be destroyed), someone involved might not have thought it OK to just keep it instead. If killers have a penchant for trophy collection, surely some cops do too. There may well be boxes of “stuff” hiding in closets and attics that family members may honestly don’t know, or actually fear, what to do with. In your second book, you have an example of one such situation… Can’t help but think there’s more “gold” to be found. BTW, this update looks GREAT; I checked up on the old site every other week or so but I’ll make it a weekly habit now!

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