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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

BDA investigation 2009

Skyhorse/Arcade Pub. Offers 2015 Updated Print Edition of NYT Bestseller, Black Dahlia Avenger

January 29, 2015 Los Angeles, California Arcade Publishing will be offering their updated print edition of Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder, available in stores and on-line in mid-February, 2015. (Since 2012, this edition has previously only been available, in e-book format.) Over the past decade there have been several reprintings and updates to…

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GHH Hawaii 1951- "Preaching to the choir"

As we know from the DA Files, in April, 1950, George Hodel was being “stalked by DA Lt. Frank Jemison” and an arrest was imminent.   Tipped by confederates, he left the country sometime in 1950, and accepted a job offer as, “Staff Psychiatrist and Director of Rehabilitation Program” at the Territorial Hospital Kaneohe, Hawaii. Part of his job description included…

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On the morning of February 15, 1950 the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office investigators interviewed Dr. George Hill Hodel at their downtown office in the Hall of Justice. He was detained and questioned at length.  Simultaneous to his detention, a team of electronic experts from both the DA and LAPD had secretly entered (burgled) and…

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Out of the Tar Pits!

Dear Readers: Welcome! Let it be said that today, May 22, 2009, this dinosaur, not wanting to get his feet caught in the tar pits, those prehistoric pools of  muck and oil, decided to enter the magical world of -BLOGGING! Out with the old (FAQ updates as WordDocs and PDFs) and into the new–SQUAD ROOM…

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