November 5, 2009

Chicago, Illinois

Journalist, Michael Lenehan in today’s CHICAGO READER newspaper in addition to a review of my book, MOST EVIL provides readers with an incredibly accurate historical review of the facts surrounding the 1946 arrest of teenager, William Heirens. The 17-year-old boy, was the fifth person to be arrested by the Chicago Police Department, as “The Lipstick Murderer” for a series of  three heinous crimes committed on Chicago’s north-side in 1945-1946.

The terrified teenager, after his arrest and incarceration was: beaten, tortured, given an unauthorized  spinal-tap without anesthetic, injected with “truth serum” and then forced to take a lie-detector test (though he passed it, and was found to be telling the truth, the results were hidden from the public for nearly a full decade.)

To save his life, Heirens gave authorities a false-confession to the crimes and was sent immediately to prison. No trial. No sworn testimony. No evidence submitted.

In MOST EVIL, I devote three chapters to the reinvestigation of the Red Lipstick Murders and offer new evidence which I believe shows that  Bill Heirens could not have committed the crimes, and which point to Dr. George Hill Hodel as the actual killer.

In ten-days, Bill Heiren’s will be 82. This is the 63rd birthday he has spent behind bars.


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Fall Books Special: My Dad Did It 

Steve Hodel, the retired LA cop who pinned the Black Dahlia murder on his pop, believes he was also Chicago’s Lipstick Killer.

GeorgeHodelCirca1937Magnum.jpg     Dr. George Hodel, circa 1937                                           COURTESY OF STEVE HODEL   

Most Evil: Avenger, Zodiac, and the Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hill Hodel Steve Hodel (Dutton)


Frances Brown Lipstick Murder  December 10, 1945

Handwriting expert finding, “Probably written by George Hodel”




Suzanne Degnan headline  January 8, 1946



Suzanne Degnan Lipstick writing on post outside “Murder Room”

Handwriting expert finding,  “Probably written by George Hodel”





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