Los Angeles' FBI Agent-In-Charge Introduces Black Dahlia Killer to Law Enforcement Conference four years before the Murder of Elizabeth Short


FBI Chief Special Agent Richard Hood seen at function in May, 1951 just one month after George Hodel fled the U.S. to avoid being arrested as the prime suspect in the Black Dahlia murder. DA taped transcripts record George Hodel admitting to the murder, making law enforcement payoffs and informing Baron Harringa that he was contacted by the FBI in January, 1950. FBI interview was just one week prior to the installation of the DA’s electronic surveillance and the beginning of the task-force stakeout at Dr. Hodel’s Franklin House residence.(18 detectives, 24/7 for the next five weeks- Feb. 15 – March 27, 1950)  

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In below 1942 press photo, FBI Special Agent Richard Hood has just introduced Dr. George Hill Hodel (seen at lectern), Chief Venereal Disease Control Office for L.A. County, as guest speaker at 1942 Southland Law Enforcement Conference. The conference was held at the LAPD Police Academy. Four years later, in January 1947, SA Hood was assigned as Chief  Special Agent-In-Charge to assist LAPD in their attempt to identify and arrest the Black Dahlia killer. (See Los Angeles Times article July, 1942 below.)


 Dr. George Hodel, L.A. County Chief Venereal Disease Control Officer  lecturing LAPD vice officers and command staff at  police academy during WW II. (1942)


Los Angeles Times

July 10, 1942


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DA 1950 Hodel-Dahlia Electronic Surveillance                                             Dr. Hodel informs Baron Harringa of his FBI interview:

(DA Tape spool 1)

Feb. 18. 1959

7:35 pm

George Hodel to Baron Harringa:

“Hodel then explained about his being questioned at the D.A.’s office on Wednesday morning, and told in great detail as to questions perpounded [sic] to him at that time. One statement made to the German was as follows: “Supposin [sic]’ I did kill the Black Dahlia. They couldn’t prove it now. They can’t talk to my Secretary anymore because she’s dead.”

7:45 pm  …The FBI were over to see me too, three weeks ago.”


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    Strange, I grew up in that neighborhood, went by the Franklin house on my way to school and have two grandparents, an aunt and Uncle buried near Elizabeth Short….

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