Black Dahlia Avenger- A Guide to the Published Editions 2003-2012

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  Black Dahlia Avenger–a Guide to the Published Editions

 Los Angeles, California

I am regularly asked this same question in both e-mails and

“Dear Mr. Hodel:

 Which edition of Black
Dahlia Avenger should I order?”

 Hopefully, the following print chronology which includes a
brief description of what is included in the separate BDA publications, will
answer the question.

 Click on below link for details:

Black Dahlia Avenger EDITIONS July 2012.pdf



  1. Tarcio on October 29, 2012 at 10:43 am

    I must have been living in a box, (east coast?) beucase I just caught the ID Discovery show last night and emailed the author tonight. I heard about the case long ago but never knew there was a library of books written on it. I just wanted to say, I’ve never read the book/s by Hodel but I suppose my comment is that that no matter what the opinion of the book, coming out to the world and saying your Father is a serial killer has to be a bit troublesome, (even if you are making a few bucks by doing so.) Writers don’t get paid nearly enough to brag about that. (do they? ) I am glad however that maybe beucase of all the books, there is new pressure to open the cold case and solve it once and for all. That poor girl deserves that at least.

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