Famed 1940s LA Times Artist and Staff Writer Unwittingly Immortalize Black Dahlia Crime Scene and Her Killer’s Childhood Residence


The Owens/Seewerker Nuestro Pueblo (Our Town) was a popular weekly column in the Times. It was a team effort. While the
sketches were all prepared by Mr. Owens, his partner, Joe Seewerker provided
the research and wrote the historical text.

At the time these two separate articles
appeared in their column, neither
journalist could have remotely suspected that these two drawings of
early-LA residences would soon be woven into and become part of a real-life
noir tapestry, which just nine-years later would become part of Los Angeles’
darkest and most notorious murder mystery–The Black Dahlia.

These two drawings would continue to hold
their macabre secret-linkage unbeknownst to anyone, for another sixty-five years.

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