Black Dahlia: The True Story Video (55 minutes)

 In 2005 a French film crew came to Los Angeles and made a documentary, The Truth about the Black Dahlia. The show originally produced in French aired in Europe, coincidentally, on my birthday, November 6, 2006. (13th Street, NBC International)

That original production has now been dubbed in English and the full 55-minute documentary (without commercial interruption) can be viewed by clicking on the link below. java films poster black dahlia.jpg

Java Films  Black Dahlia: The True Story documentary (full version 55 minutes) 

 In the English version no subtitles are provided and three important participants in the making of the documentary need to be named. They are:

teetor kay stoner.jpg


Detective Bill Stoner, is now retired and was James Ellroy’s “partner” in their attempt to solve the murder of Ellroy’s mother, as chronicled in Ellroy’s book, My Dark Places.

For more details on Teetor, Kay and Stoner see my FAQ 43.


The documentary makes reference to the two photographs in my father’s album as this was filmed BEFORE I made the follow-up investigation, identification and elimination of “Maganda” on CNN News in September 2006. For full details surrounding that investigation see my FAQ 20. (As many of you know, I still believe it is possible that the remaining photograph in my father’s album could be Elizabeth Short. However, as Head DA Steve Kay points out in his on camera interview, “the evidence linking George Hodel has now developed way beyond the photographs.”  FAQ 20.

Second, is the reference to the handwriting. In this documentary, I make the statement that “no handwriting expert has come forward to say the Black Dahlia Avenger handwriting IS NOT George Hodel’s.” The producer then informs the viewers that my statement is incorrect and tells listeners that “other experts have discounted the handwriting.” That is not true and I stand by my original statement. In the seven years since publication not one certified Questioned Document Expert has ever stated “It is not George Hodel’s handwriting.” The only public expert to come forward was the expert hired by CBS for their 2006 documentary, Black Dahlia Confidential.  That QDE claimed his examination was “inconclusive” and he could not say whether “it was or was not George Hodel’s handwriting.” (Highly understandable, based on the fact he only had a few samples to examine and very limited time to do it.) My court certified expert, Hanna McFarland, was provided over thirty-samples and six-months to examine and make the comparisons before rendering her “highly probable” opinion that  George Hodel was the author of  at least four of the Black Dahlia Avenger notes. For a complete explanation and additional samples of critical HW not provided to the CBS expert see FAQ 16. 



 I just received an urgent request via  email from B.M (his real initials *s*) asking me if I could “get on” the below case? After commodious reflection– I’ve decided “to pass.” 

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    The documentary is a revoulutionary awareness about Black Dahlia and its depth could be more sgnificantly highlighted if the subtitles and the name of the Critiques would be given at the initial stages as that would get an addon attention from the end users.

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