LAPD Assistant Chief Michael Moore, Commanders, Captains and Veteran Homicide Detectives attend author talk marking the 63rd Anniversary of the “Black Dahlia Murder


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January 15,2010

 It was a real honor to be invited  to present my PowerPoint “Black Dahlia” talk last night at the Los Angeles Police Historical Society Museum in Northeast L.A.

There was a good turnout of both sworn LAPD and civilian friends and family. The event, a fundraiser for LAPHS was co-hosted by the museum’s Chairman, Greg Meyer and its Executive Director, Glynn Martin.

My talk lasted about one-hour and provided a partial overview and update of my Black Dahlia investigation from 1999 to the present and included updates and new linkage and evidence connecting George Hodel to the original crimes. Also, included in the slide-show was a brief summary of my prequel/sequel, MOST EVIL: Avenger, Zodiac, and the Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hill Hodel.

The presentation was followed by a good audience Q&A and a book-signing.

For any of you living in the Los Angeles area or even those of you visiting from out of town, I would highly recommend you stop by and take a look-see at the museum’s historical collection. It provides a great peek into our Department’s past. The museum is located at, 6045 York Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90042. 

LAPHS Director, Glynn Martin’s introductory article below appeared in LAPD’s Blue Line Magazine. (January, 2010) Thanks for the kind words Glynn!

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SKH Note-  * Correction to the above reference that reads, “…a case was assembled, and his father, Dr. George Hill Hodel, was named as the killer of Elizabeth Short by a retired deputy district attorney.”

In point of fact, it was not a retired DA, but rather one of the LADA’s most respected prosecutor’s, and then active Head Deputy D.A. Stephen Kay. At the time he reviewed my investigation Steve was Head DDA in charge of L.A. County’s Compton Office. Kay, after reviewing all of my evidence provided a ten-page written legal opinion indicating that were George Hodel still alive, the facts subtantiated a filing on at least two separate counts of murder. (Black Dahlia and Red Lipstick Murders.) Kay further added that he was confident that based on my investigation he could convince a jury and obtain a conviction on both counts. Kay rendered his legal opinion on my investigation in 2002 some six-months prior to BDA’s publication in 2003 and would not “retire” from the DA’s Office for another three years. (2005)

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