RODNEY ALCALA- The Tragic Story of a Serial Killer's " Catch & Release"

                  “I have been trying to forget what happened…  I have forgotten all about Rod Alcala and what he did.”

Rod Alcala, August 1971 in-custody statement to LAPD DetectiveSteve Hodel regarding his 1968 assault of Tali S., an 8-year-old Hollywood victim, whom he abducted, raped and left for dead.

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alcala circa 1978.jpg    Alcala Orange Co. Court 2009            Alcala on “The Dating Game” 1978             

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In 1971 my three-year search for Rodney Alcala, a brutal child-rapist wanted by Hollywood Division’s LAPD for rape and attempted murder finally ended.

In July of that year, I had met with the FBI in their L.A. office. In that meeting a decision was made to join forces in attempting to locate and arrest fugitive Rodney Alcala by placing him on the Bureau’s- -“10 MOST WANTED LIST.”  We did and it paid off –big-time. A month later Alcala, teaching as a counselor at a teenage girl’s school,  was apprehended and in custody in Concord, New Hampshire.

In the summer of ’71, I boarded a plane, flew to Boston, then drove north to Concord, where I arrested and extradited Rodney Alcala.  Our Los Angeles warrant charged him with two felony counts- child rape and attempted murder.

That same year, Alcala was prosecuted, tried, convicted and sent to prison. 

Sadly, this would turn out to be JUST THE BEGINNING of this monster’s murderous crime spree. Because of multiple failures in “The System” and his release after serving just a little over two years in prison his incarceration would become no more than a stepping stone to bigger and more horrific crimes. 

Journalist and crime reporter, Christine Pelisek presents the full tragic story as a feature article published in today’s (1.21.2010) LA WEEKLY. 

Read Christine’s incredible summary of Alcala’s many crimes:  

 RODNEY ALCALA: The Fine Art of Killing


Rodney Alcala seen on DATING GAME SHOW in 1978 after serving less than three-years for the brutal child-rape and attempted murder of my Hollywood victim, 8-year-old, Tali S. On the show, Alcala is chosen and becomes the winning “Bachelor Number One.” The paroled child rapist is described by the game show host as “a successful photographer, sky-diver and motorcyclist.”  Now charged with multiple serial killings his new trial has just begun in Orange County, California.





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