Pompidou Centre Black Dahlia Powerpoint 2006

Paris, France 2006- Author’s PowerPoint talk and Q&A on BDA

In 2004 BDA was translated and published in France (L’Affaire Du Dahlia Noir) and thanks to the French people’s interest in all things NOIR my book remained on their national bestseller list for ten-weeks. That winter, I was invited to Paris and had three magnificent days visiting and doing both print and television interviews in that beautiful City of Lights. (My first time there.)

In the summer of 2006, I was invited back to Paris, this time to speak at the Pompidou Centre. What an honor!  Mssr. Robert Pepin, my French editor (who had also translated all of Michael Connelly’s books and had done a masterful translation of BDA) introduced me to the audience and with the help of a simultaneous translation (headphones and all, just like in the U.N.) after an hour of PowerPoint; I took another hour of Q&A.

For those readers that don’t speak French, I would suggest skipping forward to the 5min 30sec mark on the video, which is where I begin my talk.  After my presentation the Q&A continues for another 45 minutes. The questions are in French, but my answers obviously are all in English.

One caveat-  Much new investigative information has been discovered since this talk was given in 2006, including my own follow-up and elimination of the George Hodel photograph of the woman standing by the horse statue. In October, 2006, just four months after this talk, I went on CNN Anderson-Cooper 360 and made that public announcement after personally locating and interviewing the  90+ year-old-witness. For complete details on that important finding see FAQ 20 on “Maganda.”




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