Journalist/Documentarian Chris Cella Interview with Retired LAPD Homicide Detective and Black Dahlia Avenger Author Steve Hodel

July 9, 2022
Birch Bay, Washington
Here is one of my favorite interviews, conducted by documentarian and host Chris Cella, going back to 2014. At that time I had only published three books (unbeknownst to me a massive amount of new evidence and another FIVE books in the series would follow.)
Documentarian Chris Cella interviews Steve Hodel, October 2014

(37-minute interview)
In October 2014, I was approached by photo-journalist, Chris Cella with a request to do a Podcast interview. In his e-mail, Chris provided me with the following impressive bio information, along with his thoughts on the Podcast medium:
“I am a Documentary Cinematographer and Photographer, who has worked on 5 Continents Producing stories about Social Values, Conflict, Conservation, and Desperate Situations. My stories have been used by National Geographic, The Huffington Post, and Outside Television. I feel liberated by the Podcast medium because it frees subjects from the imposing camera and allows people to speak free and at ease. My thinking as a content creator is that a shift is happening in media consumption. I see great potential in the Podcast medium. Our show will be Produced with the accompaniment of Music, Interviews, and Sound Bites to create an all-immersive listening experience. If you are familiar with shows such as RadioLab and This American Life, you may be able to imagine the effect.”
Chris and I met and did the interview, which was hosted by Chris and broadcast as the launch program for his INQUISITOR Podcast, and aired, on Friday, October 24, 2014.  Chris was very well prepared, and it was a very professional interview.





  1. Patricia ONeill on July 9, 2022 at 5:18 pm

    👍….You had it nailed back in ‘15 & this is the reason, Steve. you’ve received the “silence of the lambs” from not only LAPD, SFPD plus many other law enforcement agencies here & probably worldwide. Yes, a highly intelligent man GHH who left so much destruction in his wake because he could not control the desires imposed upon him due to overwhelming victimization as a child & young boy! Now in my advanced years I see so much similarity thru your writings to unfortunate happenings in my young years growing up within the SFPD “family”.😞 For years there were “suicides” I could never quite comprehend, alcoholism, addictions, divorces etc. that were emotionally devastating for all involved! But as I have learned now, the “recuperation” does not happen over many years, but happens over the ensuing related generations✌️!! Ending on a happier note, take an hour or so to listen to some beautiful music, Steve: “CONCERT FOR GEORGE”……..a tribute to George Harrison. We bought it on PBS & (clips of it on U Tube). its a real gift to the soul!! Forge on Steve & stay well! 😉🌵

    • Steve Hodel on July 9, 2022 at 7:25 pm

      Patricia O:
      Thanks Patricia. Will take your advice and do just that. Just ordered the 2disc set online now.
      Will be a great two hours. Steve

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