ZODIAC DNA: A 2021 Reexamination of the Evidence: No Confirmed ZODIAC DNA Exists

May 1, 2021
Los Angeles, California

Dr. George Hill Hodel Full DNA Profile Comparison Available and Awaits Discovery of Confirmed Zodiac DNA which to date (May 1, 2021) is Non-Existent



Excerpt from above DNA Summary on Stine Gloves page 12/13:


SKH UPDATE: Re. Gloves found in Paul Stine cab as potential DNA source.
The above statements were written and published in BDA II some seven years ago. (2014) I have only recently (5/1/21) discovered that the gloves booked in evidence were according to author Robert Graysmith in his 1986 book, “ZODIAC” eliminated by SFPD detective Toschi as belonging to a woman who was a previous passenger in Paul Stine’s cab and inadvertently left them
in the cab. Here is the exact quote from page 90 of “Zodiac” (Berkeley Books 1986). Page 90:
“…Just under the dash, Toschi found a pair of dull black leather gloves. They were soaked with blood but were too small for a man. Later he (Toschi) discovered that they belonged to a woman passenger from earlier in the day.”
I have no idea as to the accuracy of author Graysmith’s statement, but obviously, if he did not simply invent the reportage, his source had to have been detective Toschi, or someone directly involved in the actual investigation. If true, then that would of course eliminate the gloves as being a source for Zodiac DNA.
A later source documents some DNA testing on the leather gloves found in the Stine cab as “containing the victim Paul Stine’s blood on the outside of the gloves and stranger DNA on the inside.”
The source on this latter statement was Pamela Hofsass, a former SFPD homicide detective who worked the Zodiac case and currently runs the forensic lab for Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office.
Hofsass in the below article indicated that Paul Stine’s blood was on the outside of the glove but, “the blood and other matter collected from inside the glove was too muddled to be of use- possibly containing traces from anyone who had handled it over the years. We got a mixture on the inside, she said.”
See the full article below:
The Sacramento Bee, May 1, 2018, by Anita Chabria and Ryan Sabalow


  1. Patricia ONeill on May 2, 2021 at 1:36 pm

    Steve, Hmm……brings to mind the now famous line from OJ’s trial: “If it does not fit, you must acquit.” And I do remember past descriptions of your father implying (in my memory of past readings) that GHH was not a big burly guy but slim of stature. I also recall you described GHH as a very dapper, classy dresser. Hence the grey leather gloves would fit his persona, especially in San Francisco where many men wore leather gloves. I also remember years ago writing to you about my experience selling fashionable leather gloves in Roos Atkins in my college days to customers and a tight fit was a must with leather glove wearers! Once these pricey gloves get wet, forget the fit👎! Also remember in the Stine case 2 policemen did spot a man walking swiftly away in the area of Stine’s killing in the taxicab.. After so many years & the great developments in DNA identification, surely something more definite can be found inside those gloves?! IMO….something fishy here🤔!!

    • Steve Hodel on May 2, 2021 at 1:43 pm

      Patricia O:

      Well, in previous BDA/Most Evil publications I always felt that the Stine Gloves should be at the top of the list for potential DNA based on testing that supposedly showed “stranger DNA on the inside of the gloves found in the cab.” But, now, with the new information, it basically removes the gloves from any likely connection. So, Zodiac mailings are now BEST SOURCE.
      And, YES, GHH was tall and thin or average weight back in late Sixties. Like 6′ 180 and wore size 7 gloves regularly, which I am informed is an unusual size glove for a man. One glove seller said, “Size 7 would be a man with long slender fingers, like a concert pianist.” (Dad in his youth as we know was a concert pianist.)

      • Patricia ONeill on May 2, 2021 at 10:00 pm

        ……Added remembrance on the Stine murder…. wasn’t one of the SFPD patrolmen who spotted & had a basic description of the man walking away from the area in Presidio Heights where Stine was murdered was himself killed (in the line of duty) months later? Many unanswered questions here! IMO if GHH was the Zodiac, he was aided & abetted by the “powers that be” in San Francisco!!

        • Steve Hodel on May 2, 2021 at 10:17 pm

          Patricia O:
          Yes, officer Eric Zelms was killed in an unrelated crime just a few months after the Stine murder. Paid tribute to him in Most Evil II. My concern is that some of the officers that KNEW GHH was a serial killer in LA were still on the job in 1969 and hard for me to imagine they didn’t pass on their suspicions.

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