“I’m sorry for my despicable behavior.”

                                                                                   Rodney Alcala

 (Above statement was reportedly made to victim, Tali Shapiro in today’s court hearing for raping and attempting to murder her when she was 8-years-old.)

Tali Shapiro, now age 48, testified before the jury today at the penalty phase hearing which will decide whether convicted serial-killer, Rodney Alcala will get life without possibility of parole, or death. 

The below photos show her being interviewed today by ABC News. The piece aired tonight on the 6:00pm news.  See full video clip here for full interview, and her response to Alcala’s “apology.”

Upper left photo- Tali Shapiro testifying today in court   Lower Left- Tali Shapiro circa 1968 as she appeared about the time of my Hollywood investigation and arrest of Alcala.  Upper Right- Five Southern California Alcala murder victims; Lower Right- Alcala in Orange County court.

 ABC News Video – Tali Shapiro Interview click here.

Alcala Victim Tali Shapiro.jpg

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