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New York Times Bestselling Author Steve Hodel

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George Hodel's 1925 Review of Ben Hecht's Fantazius Mallare Killing: Ben Hecht's 1947 Review of George Hodel's Black Dahlia Killing

September 13, 2016 Los Angeles, California “With almost animate pigments has Hecht painted this monstrous dream of Mallare’s, and with delicate and meticulous craftsmanship has he fashioned its cadaverous and perverse beauty.” George Hill Hodel Excerpt from 1925 “Fantasia Magazine” George Hodel review of “THE KINGDOM OF EVIL,” By Ben Hecht. (Pascal Covici, publisher 1925) “I know…

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The Case of the Stolen 1400-Year-Old Chinese Sacrificial Tablet – Did George Hodel Use the Item During the Sowden House Torture Murder of Elizabeth "Black Dahlia" Short?

Chinese Sacrificial Tablet HAN DYNASTY (206 B.C. – A.D. 220 10″x6″x1″ Photo from THE MET museum believed similar in appearance to stone tablet taken in 1947 burglary from Sowden/Hodel residence described as being: “11”x6″x31/2″ bearing about 50 Chinese characters carved on a dark gray stone.”     March 2, 2016 Los Angeles, California The Los…

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21st Century Biometric Facial Recognition Analysis of Black Dahlia Murder Photos Yields Surprising Results

Known photos of Elizabeth Short compared to Jane Doe Photo No. 2 in George Hodel album “Facial Recognition Software –an application that can be used to automatically identify or verify individuals from video frame or digital images. Some facial recognition software uses algorithms that analyze specific facial features, such as the relative position, size and…

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Did Dr. George Hodel Sign His "Surreal Masterpiece" by Cutting an Artist's Crosshatching Marks into Elizabeth "Black Dahlia" Short's Body Parts?

Los Angeles, California In a new chapter, A Surrealist Signature written in Black Dahlia Avenger II, I review the previously stated links and include several new findings supporting my belief that the carnage performed on and carved into Elizabeth Short’s body was my father’s deliberate signature as a “surreal artist.”  In 2002, I wrote:  …

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