Black Dahlia Series Completed – A Personal Thank You to Top Mystery Writers: Mike Connelly, Jerry Petievich and Jon L. Breen

December 1, 2023
Birch Bay, Washington
With the completion of my just published Black Dahlia Avenger IVI would like to take this opportunity to personally call out and thank three of the world’s top mystery writers; Michael Connelly, Jerry Petievich, and Jon Breen. Each author independently reviewed the investigation as presented in my original publication, Black Dahlia Avenger (2003), and based on the evidence publically proclaimed — “CASE SOLVED.” (See their reviews below.)
In the two decades following that publication, a massive amount of additional linkage to the Elizabeth Short, Black Dahlia, and other L.A. Lone Woman Murders followed and was presented in BDA II, III, and IV.
Based on readers’ written reviews of the series, which now total 1400 with an overall 4.5-star rating on AMAZON,  Through the years the public has spoken loud and clear, and most agree with Connelly, Petievich, and Breen that the evidence is convincing and the case is solved.
Despite the order from then LAPD Chief of Detectives James McMurray to his Cold Case Detectives to “Go ahead and clear the Black Dahlia Murder, based on Hodel’s investigation” the detectives, knowing that their commander McMurray was about to retire in six months, claimed, “they were too busy, but would get to it later.” That “get to it” has now been put off for twenty years and those detectives are all long retired.
With the publication of BDA IV on November 6, 2023 (my 82nd birthday) and the court trial with testimony from “The Quick and the Dead,” I consider my investigation into the Black Dahlia Murder completed. The prosecution has called all its witnesses and victims, living and dead, and presented its case.  The prosecution has “rested” and my work as the primary investigator For the People is done.




For a detailed presentation of the WHY of the ongoing LAPD coverup by high-ranking officers see the prior blog HERE.


  1. Dennis Effle on December 2, 2023 at 10:31 am

    A job well done Steve! It was with great insight, excellent craftsmanship and at great personal cost that you managed to uncover the truth after so many years. The world now knows what happened. Now it’s up to the long view of history to decide to accept the truth. A job well done, Steve

    • Steve Hodel on December 2, 2023 at 7:51 pm

      Dennis E.
      Thanks, Dennis. Nice to have met you way back when and had you travel along on much of the trip with me from “no way my dad could have done it” to where we are today. With BDA IV (the trial) I do feel a finality to the 1943-1950 L.A. Lone Women Murders.. Giving voice to the victims gave me that needed satisfaction. Expect some new “clews” will surface to his later crimes, but wanted to express my gratitude and feeling of completion. at least for those hometown serial murders. Take care my friend.

  2. Yolie💎 on December 2, 2023 at 10:40 am

    Oh Steve!
    Kristel, Rap’cha and I, the Sisters of the Sacred WombSpace, send you a deep cleansing, centering breath and powerful VIBRATIONS for ancestral HEALING! Ancestral healing is the ancient practice the connects us to our forefathers and ForeMOTHERS. It dispels all the negative energy of past generations and replaces it with pure LOVE💖💖 We, Kristel, Rap’cha and I pray, Steve, that you hear the message of ancestral healing. It is a message that never grows old.
    We pray that you will return to Whittier!!
    Peace to you Steve!
    Peace to Brother Kel!
    Peace to FaunaElizabeth!
    Peace to powerful Dorero of the Sacred WombSpace!
    Peace always!

  3. John Stanton on December 4, 2023 at 6:22 pm

    Hi Steve,

    Recently I saw the series “I am the Night” and found it intriguing. I was looking for your books to learn more and ran across this recent comment from you. I find George Hodel to be very interesting for several reasons. I will get your books and read them. And I will also listen to the podcast Root of Evil.

    A friend from high school was involved in the writing of American Horror Story Murder House which I took to be very much about George Hodel without mentioning his name,. I have an image of George Hodel from a scene in that series.

    There is reference to “Eyes Wide Shut” type people in one of the episodes of “I am the Night” and I have separately read that your father spend a year at Cal Tech. There were also scenes at the Huntington Library in “I am the Night”..

    Once on an episode of Mike Hodel’s Hour 25, there was a story about science fiction writers meeting at the mansion of Jack Parsons (occult co-founder of JPL) in Pasadena. The thought occurred to me to ask if your father was friends with either Jack Parsons, L Ron Hubbard, or even Alister Crowley?

    John Stanton

    • Steve Hodel on December 4, 2023 at 7:04 pm

      John S:
      Hi John. Yes, the suggested reading order is BDA I, Most Evil I, BDA II, Most Evil II, BDA III, In the Mesquite, The Early Years Parts I, II, and finally my just published BDA IV.
      I think there is a very high probability that my father knew Jack Parsons, through his connection to Baron Ernst Harringa, as you will see in your reading of the BDA books. I don’t think he was a member of the “Church” as he was not a “follower” but rather as we say, “did his own thing.” The Root of Evil podcast was a good series, but I Am The Night, not so much, and total fiction. I had no participation or knowledge of the making of IATN until it aired. Regards, Steve

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