Hollywood Elite Attend Party At Los Angeles’ Most Infamous Torture Murder Crime Scene–The Sowden/Hodel House–Where Victim Elizabeth “Black Dahlia” Short was Murdered

October 14, 2023
Birch Bay, Washington
Party Night at the  Sowden/Hodel House, 5121 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood, California
I have to wonder how many of the “Hollywood Elite” partygoers Thursday night were aware that they were standing on the killing ground (center courtyard) of Los Angeles’ most infamous torture-murder victim, Elizabeth Short, better known to the world as, “The Black Dahlia.” See the full article from the Hollywood Reporter-HERE. 

Party at the Sowden/Hodel House Thursday, Oct 12, 2023

…”All around him (Daniel Roseberry, artistic director of Schiaparelli) at the event–held at the iconic Mayan-style John Sowden House in Los Feliz, designed in 1926 by Lloyd Wright–there were actresses aplenty wearing the label’s surrealist-infused looks. (emphasis mine)

…”Jennifer Lopez posed by the pool in a strapless corset dress with golden evil-eye details at the waist.”
…”waiters passed around cookies decorated to look like evil eyes symbols, one of the house’s signature design codes.”


  1. Steven Uanna on October 15, 2023 at 12:41 pm

    Sad in a way, but not surprising, that this group has lost contact with the “spirit” of the 1930’s and 40’s. Dali, Man Ray, Anais Nin, Henry Miller are just a few of the better known people of that old era that roamed California and knew George Hodel. A lot of big Hollywood people too. Probably some studio owners too., But knew how to keep out of the papers. I don’t know if Caresse Crosby did. But she is an interesting study when you try to understand this story. She brought Dali to America and gave him and his wife Gala a place to live. She knew Man Ray and many more. Caresse is in a LIFE MAGAZINE photo article with DALI. Quite a stroke of luck for Dali. But not for Caresse Crosby. She was descended from one of the first families to the new world, from New England. A lot of the VERY well placed people in 1940’s Washington Government were too and wild and artsy as Caresse was she knew them. Same first families, New England and Virginia first families who have intermarried.. And that’s a big clue to American politics and life. And connected to European families. She had been promoting many “ lost generation” writers and artists in her Black Sun Press publishing company in Europe in the early 1930’s. Very cutting edge to be in Black Sun. Caresse was in Dali’s 12 member Zodiac Group of patrons. Dali’s portrait of her is quite something. If you knew her background and saw this picture, interesting…creepy. Creepy like these 2023 celebs probably don’t understand. The really creepy kind that Dali can capture.
    During the war, from her Washington DC art gallery Caresse stayed close to the Spanish Ambassador in Washington even though he was shunned by all other embassies. In her world politics didn’t matter. It was feelings or something like that, love of art… She knew James Forrestal years before he would become the first Secretary of Defense and then fall to his death in 1949 at Bethesda Naval Hospital. She knew top people at the Department. of State in Washington. She could get a passport and air travel right after the war when it was almost impossible. Now she was heading back to Europe where she had partied in the 1920’’s and early 30’s. She was promoting her World Citizen Movement. It even had it’s own passports. Today it is called New Age. It was called that then but that “secret” had not been released to the public yet.
    In the coming years she would know Allen Ginsburg and other beat nicks. In Caresse’s day the cookies shown in this story were not the evil eye. They were a dot in a circle, open to a few interpretations but mainly very Freemasonry occult. Astronomy. Astrology. So is George Hodel’s cross within a circle. They are evil, but this modern group of “celebrities”… maybe they know, but they are probably Scientologist‘s and way off track with the 1940’s group who were into Pre Colombian art along with Surrealism and corpse mutilation, who knows what else.
    It’s strange how the war never had much of an impact on the 1940’s group.
    George Hodel is a very strange character that’s for sure and he knew a lot of people. He went to China, Hawaii, Philippines. He got around and was involved in what looks like front organizations to me. I can’t get over him hiding Kiyo, a Japanese woman,, during WW II.
    Then Kiyo playing a sorceress in a Hollywood movie, the Ten Commandments no less! And then marrying George Hodel’s son Steven. Kiyo encourages Steven to become a detective in LA, where the Black Dahlia was murdered. Why? Strange.
    But, there is a lot of strange about the Black Dahlia. How about the wife of the guy that gave Elizabeth the ride to the Biltmore… she’s kissing him again and again for newspaper photos. I think there is one with Elizabeth’s mother looking at this spectacle…strange.
    There is Fascist espionage behind the scenes here I think. But that was only part of what was going on. This group was so “with it” and in control. Like the Nazi enclave at the Murphy Ranch in the 1930’s, Confident big things were going to happen soon. An apocalyptic war with the Nazis as the victors. The 2940’s group made things happen. I don’t think these types are in Hollywood now.
    Maybe because the movie moguls are dead now. They were a rotten bunch I hear. I don’t think this 2023 group can make much happen. I hope they don’t try for their own sake. Sad. Strange.
    Check out:
    Caresse Crosby From Black Sun to Roccasinibalda
    by Anne Conover
    Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon
    by McGowan

  2. Steve Hodel on October 15, 2023 at 1:14 pm

    Steven U:
    That’s quite a “history lesson.”
    There is so much we will never know about the below-the-surface connections in George Hodel’s world in Los Angeles and San Francisco for the four decades he lived it before heading in 1950 to Hawaii, Asia, and Europe.
    I’m sure that Galka Scheyer (took our family photograph in 1943) and Rudolph Schindler and Richard Neutra were all pieces of the GHH puzzle back then too.

  3. Steven Uanna on October 17, 2023 at 12:48 pm

    Here is more information about the BLACK SUN.
    This article relates the cross within a circle to the AZTEC calendar. And the dot in the circle at the bottom of the article looks like the “evil eye” cookies at the celebrity party at the Snowden House. I keep thinking about the Murphy Nazi enclave in the 1930’s. Lloyd Wright’s design for a large lodge building there was never built. US Government agents raided the ranch the day after Pearl Harbor and rounded up the 50 or so Nazi Silver Shirts there. Down the hill from the Murphy Ranch was the UPLIFTERS CLUB.
    Walt Disney was a member. H.R. Haldeman’s (of Watergate Fame) grandfather was a founding member.
    I suspect the “Murphy” was the grandmother of Michael Murphy. She owned the hot springs that Henry Miller lived near, later Hunter S. Thompson with Joan Baez.. Thompson was beaten up by gay bathers there. Were they the Silver Shirts? There is no information about them after their arrest. And who the Murphy of Murphy Ranch was, a widow, that’s a mystery too. Shortly after this the hot springs would become the New Age ESALEN INSTITUTE. Later high level diplomacy involving Boris Yeltsin was coordinated from here with US and USSR New Agers. The fall of the Berlin Wall.
    I’m reminded how Caresse Crosby knew so many people at the Department of State, all blue bloods and first family to the New World, well connected. Caresse could easily get a passport. George Hodel was a globetrotter himself. Oh, Granny Murphy’s husband was a renowned surgeon. Put this together with the book Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, how the 1960’s counter culture was a created phenomenon. KIYO Hodel was involved in this. These people control what the rest of us accept as reality. They use astronomy and astrology to guide them in their main workings and use Gallup opinion polls to make sure we are eating the propaganda bait and taken along for the ride.

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